For violoncellists.


The catalogue of compositions for  violoncello and cellists ensembles  of Igor Rekhin.


Cello solo.

Two dramatic recitatives (1969).8

Ed: Sovetsky compositor , Moscow, 1979,

FP.: February, 1970, Moscow, Boris Talalay - Cello                         

CD: Alexander Zagorynsky Two dramatic recitatives, 2005, Moscow

24 Caprices (1991)                                                                                41

Ed: Verlag Neue Musik, Berlin, 1996

FP: 9 April 1993, Big Concert hall of the Union of Moscow composers.

Players: students of music college by Moscow Conservatoire ( class of prof. Alexey Seleznev).

CD: Alexander Zagorynsky 24 Caprices , 1995, Moscow. (in preparation)

Cadence for Robert Schulman's Cello concert, 1996


FP. Music festival in Lisbon  (PORTUGAL), 1996. Alexander Zagorynsky and  LSO.

Cello and piano.

Six pieces (1963 - 1986).                                                                     21

Melody, Lamento, Introduction, Valse, Syncope's and obstinate, Finale.

FP 9 April 1993, Big Concert hall of the Union of Moscow composers.

Ed: Moscow, 1994

CD: Alexander Zagorinsky (cello) and Alexey Shmitov (piano), 1996, Moscow.

Cello ensemble.

Serenade. (1980 - 1984).                                                                    

For cellist's ensemble.

Five variations on an old theme, Elegy, Perpetuum mobile, Postlude.

Ed: Sovetsky kompozytor , Moscow, 1988, score.


FP: October 1985, Festival for contemporary music Moscow autumn , Cellist's ensemble of the All Union Radio and TV Orchestra.

Three humoresques. (1984)                                                               9

for cello quintet or cellist's ensemble.

Prelude, A Kind of blues, An old Melody

Ed: Sovetsky compositor , Moscow, 1988, score.

FP: October 1986, Big concert hall of the Union of Moscow composers, Cello ensemble of the Moscow.

Biographic data for violoncellists.

 More than 20 years I.Rekhin takes part in various musically - pedagogical seminars and courses of improvement of qualification for teachers of musical schools, conservatories and the supreme musical schools, conferences, festivals with lectures and  master classes  and seminars in Russia, Germany, Poland England, on Cuba, in Czechia, Serbia and other countries

I.Rekhin is  author unique cycle 24 caprices for  violoncello solo , written to all tonalities with use of all means of modern musical language, techniques and a genre variety. They are designed for the most various performing audience - from learning musical schools, up to students of hige musical school and conservatories

Among the known cellists playing the compositions of I.Rekhin for a violoncello are : the Honored artist of Russia, the soloist of the Moscow philharmonic society Alexander Zagorinsky, the professor of the Russian Musical academy. "Gnessin" Vladimir Tonha, the professor of the Moscow conservatory Dimity Miller, professor V.Spersky (Gdansk musical Academy, Poland). The known Moscow teacher and the violoncellist, Alexey Seleznyov has prepared with his pupils of the Academic musical school at the Moscow conservatory the first performance  24 caprices  and as other pieces for violoncello and ensemble of violoncellists. Today many teachers of Moscow and other cities include separate compositions of the composer in his study.

Music for violoncellists ensemble.

 "Serenade"  for ensemble of violoncellists sounded in Moscow conservatory in performance of ensemble of violoncellists of the Big symphonic orchestra of All-Union Radio and TV,  Three humoresques  sounded in Moscow (ensemble of violoncellists of the Bolshoj theatre) and S. Petersburg ( S. Petersburg philarmonic society ). Winners of the international competitions in S. Petersburg  plaed Three humoresques.  , ensemble Viva cello of Special musical school at S. Petersburg conservatory, ensemble of violoncellists of musical   colledge "Gnessin" in Moscow, have music for violoncellists ensemble by Igor Rekhin in his programm.



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